A film on homophobic bullying is to be screened in all UK secondary schools next month. The film – the first of its kind to be sent to all schools – will try to stop pupils using the word "gay" in a derogatory way. It tells the story of six teenagers – who are gay, straight or not yet sure of their sexuality – and are taking classes in hip hop dancing at a college in south London. Some come out and are bullied for it, others conceal their sexuality out of fear. The film’s director, Rikki Beadle-Blair, who wrote and played the lead role in the Channel 4 drama Metrosexuality, takes the role of the teacher. The film, FIT, is part-funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and will be sent to every secondary school next month by the gay rights charity Stonewall.

A poll of more than 2,000 teachers, commissioned by Stonewall last year, found that 90% thought homophobic bullying occurred in their school. The same percentage had not been trained in tackling the problem. A fifth said they did not feel comfortable talking about gay issues in the classroom, and one in six said they felt uneasy if a pupil asked a question about homosexuality. Chris Gibbons, Stonewall’s senior education officer, said: "Teachers are still ill-equipped and unsure of how to deal with gay issues in their classrooms." The film is adapted from a play which has been seen by 20,000 pupils in the last two years.

Video of the day: Sugababes - Wear My Kiss

Whatever you think of their current musical direction, and however Jaded you've been left by the last lineup change, it's hard to deny that the 'Wear My Kiss' video is an absolute cracker. Three words say it all: "giant", "silver" and "heels". Actually, for my limited, destined-for-iTunes wad, this Fernando Garibay-produced fuzz-pop thumper could be the best single of the Sweet 7-era so far. It certainly feels the most comfortably Sugababesish... or maybe I just really like this video?